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We showcase the art of primarily local artists, Check in often for what's available and on display in the bookstore, including three of our first feature artists, Maggi McIvor, Lynnette Jessop, and Francie Hawthorne - all who call Nanton home, as well as our most recent additions: the multi-talented Danielle French, whose photography cards are available, and Joanne Vaughan's beautiful acrylic paintings. 

Lynnette Jessop

My primary medium is working with encaustic wax, which is the world’s oldest surviving artwork, dating back to 500 BC. Working with a torch and liquid beeswax, I sculpt, scrape, gouge and fuse the wax to create these pieces. Many of my encaustic paintings have fifty layers of fused and manipulated beeswax.

 Encaustic art possesses a unique allure that beckons viewers, drawing them in to richly layered images. The blissful scent of the molten beeswax, which is blended with damar resins and colour pigment, is magical, chaotic and hypnotic in the way the layers of translucent color and texture fuse together.

Lynnette Jessop lives and creates encaustic art in Fusion Studio in Nanton, Alberta.

Maggi McIvor

Maggi has been creating art for over 30 years, primarily watercolour, alcohol ink, and stained glass. Born and raised in the farming community of Nanton, Alberta, she is inspired by the nearby foothills and prairies. Known for her trees and big sky landscapes, her work is strong and bold and often evokes a special sense of place. Maggi works from her private studio in Nanton and shows locally.

Collections: Her work is in private and corporate collections across Canada and abroad, including the Calgary Hyatt Regency Hotel.

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Francie Hawthorne

I make pottery because it feels good to create. I am Francie and I live and create my work in Nanton, Alberta at my home studio. Pottery has a range of variables that is endless and the possibilities continue to present new avenues. I don't think there is anything special about the pots I make, I do think there is something special about what making pots does for me!

The drive or the urge to create lives inside. Nothing will surpass the love of my people that matter to me, but...creating seems to be essential to my health. So for 22 years now I have been having a great love affair. The work is for me and every once in a while, the pots are also pleasing to another, and that is very fun.

Contact Info:, Instagram: peacepottery111